Monday, August 31, 2015

Monthly Recap : August

Monday, August 31, 2015

If there's one thing to describe August, that would be busy. I'm so busy this month (mostly because of school) that made me can't blog and read much. I even have to take a semi-hiatus since there's a lot of tests and assignments (we got tests every week!)

On the other side, there's some good things that happened to me this month. Firstly, I got accepted to my school's journalist team! I'm so glad I decided to sign up for it. Secondly, my new class is pretty great. Hopefully there's no problem with this class until we finished high school.

Like I said, I took a semi-hiatus in mid-August, so I didn't post much. Bun in case you missed it, here's what I post this month :

Review :
Most Likely to Succeed by Jennifer Echols - 4 stars
The Beginning of Never by O. E. Boroni - 1 star
Anne & Henry by Dawn Ius - 3.5 stars

Other :
I went to Singapore and Malaysia in July and post my recap of it!

To be honest, I'm tempted to remove this section because of the number of book that I read. Yes, you guessed it right, I only read 1 BOOK this month! *hide in shame* At least I could blame school for it.

So, the lucky book is..

The funny thing is, this book is not due until October. But (again), since I'm afraid that I won't have enough time to read in October, I decide to read it now. At least it's one good book.

In case you missed it :

Larissa is leaving YA Midnight Reads (We definitely will miss you!)
Cait @ Paper Fury wants diverse books that are not about being diverse (so agree with you, Cait)
Mishma @ A Perfection Called Books explain why she loves cliffhangers
Rashika @ The Social Potato list her top five diverse books

So, that's my recap. Tell me yours!


  1. I totally get what you mean, Tiffany! Except for me: There's no day without a test. T_T I'm glad your class is great so far, though! Good luck with the rest of the school year. :) I'm glad you enjoyed Signs Point to Yes--I'll probably read it soon, too!

  2. School sucks! My school started on a Thursday, so by friday when I was getting in the swing of things I had two days off! Great post by the way! Its okay to only read one book, your only human!


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