Review Policy

Firstly, thanks for your interest in The Bookish Thought!

Before you send me a review request, please read this page first :

I will accept Young Adult books :
-Science Fiction
-Or other Young Adult books if it's interest me

However, sometimes I will accept New Adult books too, as long as it interest me.

I do not accept :
-Novellas/Short Stories
-Comic/Graphic Books

Things to keep in mind :
-I accept book in hardcopy or softcopy (though I prefer in hardcopy)
-If you send the softcopy, I only accept in .pdf or .epub
-I live in Indonesia.
-I won't give the books to anybody else unless you ask.
-The Bookish Thought did not receive any compensation in exchange of writing a review.

What to expect from my review :
-Book cover
-Publication details (title, author, release date, publisher, and summary)
-Goodreads and Book Depository links

If you want to contact me, just email me at :

please include :
-Book title, synopsis, genre, cover
-Author and publisher
-Book format (hardcopy or softcopy)
-Goodreads link

Thank You!

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