Friday, May 15, 2015

Feature and Follow (7)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Feature and Follow is a feature hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read

This Week's Question

How do you organize your books?

Well, I always organize my books, either books at my shelf, at my laptop/phone, or on Goodreads.

1. Shelf
I organize books at my shelf by series and authors. It just feel weird to me if a book is separated from the other book in the same series. Also, that way, I could know which series is already complete and which not.

2. Laptop or phone
I have a folder in my laptop called 'Books', and inside that folder, there's many folders based on the series' name (for example, there's a folder called 'Heroes of Olympus, and it contains book 1 - 5 of Heroes of Olympus. Get it?). As for my phone, I only organized the book by genre, since mostly it's a stand-alone arc.

3. Goodreads
I have plenty of shelves on my Goodreads! Usually, I organize my books by genre, rating, and to-read/currently-reading/read shelves. But sometimes, I also made a shelf like 'crying-because-this', 'disappointing-books', etc. It depends on the book, though.

So that's how I organize my books! What about you? Do you organize your books? If yes, then how?


  1. I just organize my physical copies alphabetically by author. Helps me find things easily that way :)

    Joana (

  2. You seem to have it all figured out, good for you. I actually have to organize all the books that have been sent to me cause they're all over my computer. On my shelves they're organized by series and my favorites are at the top where I could reach them. On my kindles (2) & my phone they're organized by the ones added recently first. :)

  3. Everyone seems so organized while I just put my books randomly on my shelves lol I really need to do something about this. I think I might start putting them alphabetically by author.

    Old follower! :)

  4. When it comes to electronically, the most organisation I have is to make sure everything is in a folder with a series name lol! I learned the hard way that I needed that much organisation at least to retain my sanity :) followed on Bloglovin' and insta!

  5. I love to see other people's funny shelves on Goodreads. I just have boring genre shelves for mine, which is how I organize my physical books too. My ebooks are just on my Kindle in no particular order.

    My FF!

  6. I mainly organize by shelves on Goodreads. My REAL LIFE shelves do not look as nice or as neat, unfortunately. But hey, if you were to ask me, "where is this book" I'd still be able to tell you. Order in Chaos, right? Haha.

    Faye at The Social Potato

  7. I mostly read e-books and organize them on GR.

  8. ooh I used to shelve my physical copies by author as well! Now they're just really all over the place in some kind of colour order? But I kinda gave up on it so now it looks like half of it is colour coded whoops

  9. My shelf books are organized by size, and then series. So if I own one book in a series as a paperback and the other as a hardcover, then I have to separate them. Seeing books that are not the same height really annoys me. D:

    Books on my phone (iBooks), I organize by color of the cover since I don't have too many books anyway. :) I also separate ARCs from books I bought.

    It's the same with Goodreads with me! But I probably have more than a few extra shelves...

    Thanks for sharing, Tiffany! :)

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings

  10. I mainly order my books alphabetically and then in series order, though recently, as my book collection grows, I've started just trying to pile them in a way that they're least likely going to collapse and kill someone.

  11. It always feels weird to separate books in the same series or by the same author on the shelf to me too. I don't use my laptop or phone to organize my books (unless you count an outdated spreadsheet), but I love using Goodreads! I have shelves for publication year, publisher, and some genres.


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