Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Wrap Up

Saturday, January 31, 2015

This is basically a list about every books I read in this month

It seems like yesterday when new year start, and now its already the end of January! I planned to read at least 10 books, but unfortunately, due to exams (that haven't finished yet *ugh*), I only manage to read 6 books this month. I know that its really a little, but at least I still could read. So here's the list :

1. Legend by Marie Lu

This is probably one of a few dystopia books that I truly like. You guys should read it too.

2. Ask Again Later by Liz Czukas

Light and funny contemporary. Perfect book for those who's still in exam, since its not really long.

3. Prodigy by Marie Lu

The second book in the Legend trilogy, and I still love it! I will buy the third book as soon as I finished my exams.

4. One of The Guys by Lisa Aldin

This is actually my very first arc (yes, I'm that new to the blogging world). Also a light contemporary with cute friendship and best-friend romance.

5. Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

I had a high expectations on this book, but sadly it disappoint me. I just can't relate to the characters.

6. Even in Paradise by Chelsey Philpot

Actually I haven't finished it. But since I almost finished it, I put this book on my January Wrap Up. Its not a light reading, but there's a good friendship in this book.

Well, thats what I read in January. You can find all the review on my Review Archive, except Perfect Chemistry. 

So how many books have you read on January? Have you read any of these books?


  1. I loved loved loved Legend!! *-* Prodigy was incredible as well, however I wasn't exactly a fan of Prodigy :/

    Ps. I have a blog as well, if you want to stop by I'd appreciate it so much! It's both in Italian and in English :3 ->

    1. Yes Legend is amazing! Aw its sad that you didn't enjoy Prodigy, but at least you still thought its incredible :) what about Champion?

      I definitely will stop by in your blog, I bet its amazing, Frannie!

  2. Ooh you read some excellent books this month! I still need to read get to Legend and yay for liking Ask Again Later! It is too cute.

    Fantastic post, Tiffany <33

    1. Yess, but I bet that you read some amazing books too considering you posted so many reviews!
      You have too read it Mel! I actually considered Legend as my fav dystopian novel :)


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