Monday, July 31, 2017

Monthly Recap : July | Farewell, Summer Holiday!

Monday, July 31, 2017

july is my last holiday month before going to college in early august, and i'm pleased to say that it's been a pretty good month! as you guys probably know, in the beginning of july, i went to hong kong and macao, and it was really fun (recap coming soon!). it's my first time going there, and i got a lot of new experiences there. here's some pics that i took while in there :

hong kong and macao are definitely the highlight of july.

aside from that, i spend the days and nights reading, blogging, bookstagramming, (basically doing general fangirl stuff), as well as start preparing for college. honestly, i'm super nervous because after like 3 months at home, now i have to adapt and start socializing again 🙈 if you have some tips for college, let me know in the comment!

if you notice, i revamped the blog a bit in july! i have a new header, and now you can see my bookstagram pics in the sidebar (though it doesn't work if you put "https://" in the front 😕 still trying to figure that one out!). anyway, here's what i post in july :

The Winner's Kiss by Marie Rutkoski - 4.5 stars
Wesley James Ruined My Life by Jennifer Honeybourn (blog tour) - 3.5 stars
Lucky in Love by Kasie West (ARC) - 4 stars


Interview with Lisa Maxwell, author of The Last Magician (+ US and INT Giveaways!)

to sum up what i read in july : rick riordan's books! it's basically a rick riordan month, because i only read books by him. i didn't actually plan to reread heroes of olympus, but after i read trials of apollo, i realize just how much i miss this world (and how much i forgot about it), so i decide to reread them 😊 sadly i wasn't able to include the percy jackson series!

i'll just leave a link to rick riordan's author page on goodreads 😊

how's your July? did you get any new books? how many books did you read this month?
and on completely unrelated note, happy birthday to harry potter and j.k. rowling!


  1. That's so exciting that you're starting college, I can imagine you must be quite nervous though! I hope you enjoy it! Good luck <3

  2. Great photos! I was terrified of starting college, but you eventually settle into a routine, and all the stuff that seems overwhelming becomes manageable. Good luck!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!


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