Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What to Eat If You're in Bali

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

As you might know, at the beginning of June, I went to Bali with some of my friends and it was great. Since we're all a bunch of teenagers who's hungry all the time, we spend most of the time there to eat. I kid you not, we eat 3-4 times a day (don't forget that once we're in the hotel, we still ordered foods). Anyway, since we went to a lot of restaurants, though I'll recommend some of the foods we eat there. Here they are :


This is the first food that I eat at Bali (okay, it's not. I eat Burger King at the airport because I was really hungry, but you get what I mean). Nuri's is known for its ribs, though they sell other things too. It's around 2 hours drive from the airport, and while it's good, I don't really recommend it since it's really far. There's always Tony Roma's downtown if you want to eat ribs (eventhough it's more expensive than Nuri's)


This is one of my favorite gelato! It's probably not the best, but I think it's the cheapest. Also, there's a lot of flavors to choose. The place is not that far either!


ignore the emoji (i forgot to save it so i have to save it from snapchat)
This place is for you who loves healthy food! Actually, it's not food, more like, smoothies in a bowl topped with granola/coconut/sliced-banana/and other toppings (more commonly known as acai bowl, I think?). Personally, I think it's pretty pricey for smoothies in a bowl, but the view is worth it (there are various location across Bali, but mine is in Single Fin bar)


Okay, this one is probably the most disappointing of all food I've eaten in Bali. Don't get me wrong, the food is actually pretty good, but it's so pricey! And the portion is so small, we bought another food right after we step out of Bubba Gump. However, I still recommend this one though, if you don't mind the expensive price!


This is the perfect place if you love all sweet things! Creamy Comfort basically have all kinds of cakes and pies and everything sweet. Also, Creamy Comfort's place is so pretty. My friends and I took a lot of photos there (fortunately, there's only a few people there!)


If you went to Bali with your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/partner, Gardin is the perfect place to date. Aside being very beautiful (imagine a room surrounded by many plants that you'll feel like you're in a forest), the food here is very delicious! All of us agree that Gardin is our favorite of all the foods we ate here (and you can see from the picture that the food's arrangement is also pretty--there's even a flower there!)

Of course, we didn't just eat 6 foods in Bali. We also eat Domino's Pizza, Burger KingMenega at Jimbaran (basically where you eat right at the beach while watching the sun set--it's actually an another faves), Laota (if you're in the mood for chinese foods), and a bunch of other snacks and fast foods that we bought at the mall. Sadly, I didn't have a chance to take picture of the other foods. 

Have you ever been to Bali? If so, which one is your favorite places? If not, do you want to visit it?

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  1. I would love to visit Bali! And that Gusto Gelato looks amazing :)


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