Tuesday, September 6, 2016

ARC Review : Suffer Love by Ashley Herring Blake

Tuesday, September 6, 2016
Title : Suffer Love
Author : Ashley Herring Blake
Genre : YA contemporary
Release Date : May 3rd, 2016
Publisher : HMH Books


“Just let it go.”

That’s what everyone keeps telling Hadley St. Clair after she learns that her father cheated on her mother. But Hadley doesn’t want to let it go. She wants to be angry and she wants everyone in her life—her dad most of all—to leave her alone.

Sam Bennett and his family have had their share of drama too. Still reeling from a move to a new town and his parents’ recent divorce, Sam is hoping that he can coast through senior year and then move on to hassle-free, parent-free life in college. He isn’t looking for a relationship…that is, until he sees Hadley for the first time.

Hadley and Sam’s connection is undeniable, but Sam has a secret that could ruin everything. Should he follow his heart or tell the truth?

*I receive an ARC from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange of honest review. Thank you HMH Books for the book!

To be honest, I'm going blind with this book. I requested it mostly because the cover is really pretty and I was in contemporary mode, and this book is obviously contemporary. I don't know what it's about except that it probably has some tragic love story.

Well, it is of course a tragic love story. Hadley's father cheated on her mom, and since then, Hadley changed. The girl who used to be happy and kind became angry and ignorant. She deal with her family problem by sleeping with some boys. In fact, the very first scene in this book is Hadley slept with her classmate in a party. I already have a bad feeling because of that. I'm not judging her, but I'm just not a fan of someone whose solution to her problem is sleeping with other people. Meanwhile, Sam's mother cheated on his dad, and because of that his Dad moved to Boston. Sam's solution--just like Hadley's--is also to sleep with a girl. You see, this is mainly why I couldn't connect with this book--there's 2 similar characters whose personalities I dislike. Eventually, their personalities got better, but still. Also, not just that, both family in this book is dysfunctional, and to be frank, I kinda tired with this trope in contemporary (even though I know this is probably the point of the book).

The only character I truly like is Livy, Sam's little sister. Eventhough her family is practically broken, she's still fun and nice. Also her relationship with her brother is that kind of siblings relationship that everyone wants--you know, a little protective brother, watching movie together, etc. It made me wish I have an older brother too.

Since I dislike the characters, I was prepared to dislike the romance. Firstly, what are the odds that the girl you're dating is the daughter of a man your mother cheated with? US is big, and so the romance is kinda impossible. Secondly, it's insta-attraction! While I can ignore the fact that the romance is kinda impossible, I couldn't ignore this one. Like, the very first time Sam saw Hadley, he kept describing how hot and beautiful she is. Had it not been Ashley's beautiful word in describing the romance, I would really really hate the romance. I must admit, Ashley has a way with words. She manages to make me--who originally dislike the romance--think that the romance is not so bad.

Overall, I don't think I'd recommend this one. Suffer Love also has some popular trope, like mean girl, I-got-partnered-with-the-new-guy (Hadley) and I-got-partnered-with-the-most-beautiful-girl (Sam). Really, if I read it a few months ago when I'm still in contemporary mode, I think I'd love this one. Sadly, my mood now is not in contemporary so I couldn't really enjoyed it.


  1. I'm sad you couldn't enjoy this one. I really liked it. I loved Livy and her relationship with Sam so much! I hope you enjoy your next read!
    Genesis | Latte Nights Reviews

  2. I guess that we all have our differences. I really enjoyed this one. I can appreciated that you found too many tropes in this one. I hope that you enjoy your next read better! :)


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